A tempting offer… $30,000 a year for living on a cruise ship!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Have you ever dreamed of giving up everything and running away from all your responsibilities?

It’s a nice idea.. isn’t it?

A nautical company launches a 3-year voyage to escape from the stress of your daily life for $30,000 annually per person.

Travelers can catch up on their business at the pool while they travel the world.
Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

Life at Sea Cruises has opened bookings for her three-year voyage aboard the MV Gemini, which sails from Istanbul on November 1.

This means that you have an additional 8 months to obtain your passport, necessary vaccinations, and secure your ability to work remotely.

The company promises to visit 375 ports around the world, and to visit 135 countries and the seven continents. The ship will cover more than 130,000 miles over the three years, seeing the most important sights.

Among them are the Taj Mahal in India, the pyramids of Giza, the city of Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, and others.

The idea is to have a home by the sea.
Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

Aside from the traditional cruise ship amenities, restaurants and entertainment, the Gemini ship will also be equipped with teleworking facilities.

The company promises an extensive business center, complete with meeting rooms, 14 offices, a business library and a private lounge for coffee breaks.

There will also be a 24-hour hospital with free medical visits.

“No other cruise offers this kind of flexibility to its customers,” Mikael Peterson, managing director of Life at Sea Cruises, said in a statement.

The ship hosts many different options for distinctive and luxurious rooms.
Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

There are a number of staterooms on the flight, including the “Virtual Inside,” which measures 13 square feet.

The room price starts at $29,999 per person per year, and goes up to $179,994 for a three-year trip for two people.

As for “balcony suites,” they’re double the size and come to $109,999 per person. The cheapest outdoor cabin costs about $36,999 per person.

Single travelers receive a 15% discount on the double occupancy rate. They will be required to make a minimum down payment of $45,000.

A ship’s suite is about the size of a small apartment.
Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

There will be plenty of activities that will keep you busy during the trip, such as a sun terrace, swimming pool, wellness center, ballroom, and “multiple dining options”, although not all details have been revealed yet.

There will be instructors on board to teach dance and music.

The trip also includes free high-speed internet. You will be able to receive visits from family and friends for free on board.

The flight will serve alcoholic beverages for dinner, soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee throughout the day.

Not only that, but laundry and room cleaning services will also be available.

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