A European airline is preparing to offer double-bed suites in the air.. What will it look like?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — An airline is showing its latest suite design in its first-class cabin, like a private cocoon in the air, with a special heating system that you can control whenever you want.

For the first time, this airline is not a famous Middle Eastern company.

Surprisingly, this new wing will be a part of the German airline Lufthansa, in an attempt to compete with the luxury suite offerings in the long-haul route market.

Lufthansa Allegris’ new long-haul product will transform long-haul routes for the airline, with €2.5 billion ($2.65 billion) invested in the project by 2025.

You can control the temperature of your suite in the First Class cabinCredit: Lufthansa

Currently, all cabins are subject to modification in its four classes, i.e. Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class and First Class.

As expected, the First Class cabin is the most exciting.

The seats, which the airline calls “First Class Suite Plus”, are about a meter wide and are equipped with a special heating system that allows guests to control the temperature according to their personal preferences.

The suite also comes with a wardrobe, dining table and wooden sliding door to provide privacy on board.

First class seats are complete private roomsCredit: Lufthansa

Business class passengers also get a private suite, although it is less intimate than the first class cabin, and instead of a wooden door, there is a low wall in the business class cabin, which means that anyone passing by can still look at the passengers.

These suites also have a wardrobe and a private mini-fridge, and travelers can also set their own temperature according to their preferences.

Business Class seats feature a ‘shoulder rest’, allowing side sleeping by sinking the shoulders deep into the seat.

Business Class passengers enjoy a bewildering seven seating options.Credit: Lufthansa

However, there are seven different seating options to choose from, such as a 220-centimetre bed instead of just two metres, extra space to work with a large table and a larger screen TV (27 inches), a window seat with a “high degree of privacy”, or a great space In the front row, or two connecting suites that can be converted into a double bed in a private cabin, by removing the partition between the two seats.

“Each guest has their own sense of comfort, which is why we focus on the utmost exclusivity,” CEO Jens Ritter said in a statement.

As for the seats in Premium Economy, they have a rigid design, which means that if the person in front of you tilts their seat back, it does not reduce legroom, or change the direction of the screen on the seat, as the seat slides down into its own envelope.

Passengers in the Economy Class cabin can pay to lock the seat next to them.Credit: Lufthansa

As for economy class passengers, Lufthansa promises to increase seat space, which is still 79 centimeters. Seats in the front rows get just over 2 feet, or 86 centimeters, of legroom, and you can also pay to block the seat next to you for extended views.

The Allegris design will be rolled out to more than 80 new aircraft, according to the airline.

The existing Lufthansa aircraft will be modified by replacing more than 27,000 seats in its fleet, the largest modernization in the company’s history.

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