A candidate to enter the “Guinness Book” .. A goalkeeper scores a goal from a distance of 101 meters

(CNN) — Argentine goalkeeper Leandro Requena scored an exciting goal during his team’s match with Colo-Colo, which ended with the first 1/3 victory, in the Chilean Football League.

At the 77th minute, goalkeeper Leandro Requina executed a goal kick normally, but the ball exceeded expectations and headed towards the opponent’s goal to inhabit it, taking advantage of the progress of the other goalkeeper Brian Curtis from his own goal line.

According to the Chilean channel “TNT Sports Chile”, the goal was scored from a distance of 101 meters, and if it is certified by the “Guinness Book of Records”, it will break the record for the longest goal in history in terms of distance.

The current record is 96.01 metres, set by Tom King in 2021, during a match between Newport County and Cheltenham Town in the English Fourth Division.

“I asked Juan Silva, the club’s manager, if the record request was really going to happen, and he told me: Yes, absolutely,” goalkeeper Requena told Chilean radio “Bio Bio”.

And he added, “So we are now waiting for what is required to really verify the distance. (Silva) told me that the Chilean Football Association contacted him to verify the measurements of the field, which are 150 meters and a little.”

Requina continued: “If that is the case, given that it is 5 meters, it would make more sense than 100. The truth is that I am happy with all this, more than anything personally, but also for the institution and for Chilean football. Going down in history with an event like this makes me happy.”

Guinness World Records did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

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