6 precautionary tips when dealing with raw eggs..what are they?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Eggs are very beneficial to human health, as they are rich in nutrients and contain high-quality protein, by providing all essential amino acids.

Egg protein helps build and maintain muscle, and promotes a sense of satiety, which is important for weight control.

And the Public Health Authority in Saudi Arabia, in a tweet on Twitter, addressed some preventive advice when dealing with raw eggs, which must be taken into account.

What’s the highlight?

You should not buy eggs stored outside the refrigerator
Avoid foods that contain raw or undercooked eggs
Eggs should be cooked until they are the consistency of yolk and white
Cook foods that contain eggs well
Keep eggs refrigerated at 5°C or colder
Refrain from eating a mixture that contains eggs, such as raw dough

Eggs are among the few food sources that contain vitamin D, the nutrient compound choline, which helps protect against birth defects in infants. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin (B2) and the antioxidant selenium, lutein and zeaxanthin, all of which help maintain healthy eyes.

One study found that increased egg consumption (eating an egg per day) was not associated with an increased risk of coronary disease or stroke.

But the way the eggs are prepared may affect health unevenly, especially if the eggs are fried with butter, or other ingredients such as cured meats, and others are added to them.

It is noteworthy that one boiled egg contains 71 calories and two grams of saturated fat.

So, do not hesitate to eat eggs, in addition to other foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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