50,000 fans support Al-Ahly in front of Al-Hilal

The Egyptian club, Al-Ahly, received an official notification from the security authorities in its country, agreeing to attend 50,000 spectators for the match against its guest Al-Hilal of Sudan, scheduled for the first of next April, in the sixth round of Group Two competitions in the African Champions League.
Al-Ahly said, on its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, on Tuesday, that it had obtained approval for 50,000 fans to attend the match, and added: “The club obtained the approval of the security authorities to attend 50,000 fans for the Al-Ahly and Sudanese Al-Hilal match in the African Champions League.”
Al-Ahly will meet Al-Hilal next April 1 in the sixth and final round of the second group competitions of the continental championship.
Al-Ahly ranks third in the group standings with seven points, three points behind Al-Hilal, the second-placed team, while the South African Sun Downs tops the group standings with 11 points, and Cameroonian cotton bottoms the standings without a balance of points.

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