«350» is a trademark in the Saudi Tourism Forum

The first edition of the “Saudi Tourism Forum” was launched in the capital, Riyadh, on Tuesday, under the auspices of the Saudi Tourism System. With the participation of 350 brands; They represent the elite partners of the Saudi tourism system; It lasts for three days.
The forum aims to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the national tourism sector, establish a main meeting point, provide opportunities for direct communication and information exchange, in addition to strengthening relations with the main partners in the travel and tourism sectors. It will also contribute to promoting Saudi destinations, programs, experiences, packages and tourism products to visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom, as well as enhancing the attraction of regional and international tourists to national destinations; Experience Saudi hospitality, authentic heritage, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes that stretch from the heights of Abha to the shores of the Red Sea to the shifting sands of the Empty Quarter desert.
Fahd Hamid Al-Din, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Tourism Authority, welcomed all the partners of the Saudi tourism system. He highlighted the huge leaps achieved by Saudi tourism, thanks to the support of the wise leadership and the integration of the roles of the Ministry of Tourism, the Saudi Tourism Authority and the Tourism Development Fund.
Hamid Al-Din stressed the importance of this forum. He called on partners from the tourism sector to cooperate with tourist destinations and royal commissions, and to make the most of the “Saudi Spirit” and “Nusk” platforms that are managed by the Saudi Tourism Authority, and what they offer in terms of marketing their products at the local and international levels, and to be keen to know consumer requirements, build partnerships and exchange information and visions thoughts; To develop products that meet the desires of visitors, and directly affect the development and drive business growth.
In his speech, he called on the participants to replace the Saudi hospitality with “Saudi hospitality” because of the Kingdom’s culture of celebrating the guest that transcends the traditional concepts of hospitality and goes beyond it to include care, attention and generosity.
and launched on the sidelines of the forum; Series of seminars and rich dialogue sessions; in which a group of experts, leaders and officials participate; to discuss a number of vital topics; Such as: Saudi tourism between yesterday and today, the future of Saudis in tourism, Asir is a sustainable tourist destination, and tourism products in the private sector, in addition to Saudi tourism in numbers.

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